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    - (Frequently Asked Questions)

    CBR FAQ is a great way to get answers fast to commonly asked questions.

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    How long have you been in business?

    CBR has been in business for 15 years. We took over an existing Brooklyn based business known as ARIS Development whose grandfather was the original "Jacob Singer & Sons" started in 1907.

    What is your General Contractor's license #?

    Our GC license # is 604725.

    Can I see your certificate of insurance in advance?

    Yes, we can email you a copy of our COI for review. We maintain the required 2 million coverage as per the NYC DOB plus a 3 million dollar umbrella policy.

    Will you obtain the required permits for our project?

    A GC cannot obtain a NYC DOB work permit. Only after an engineer or architect provides approved drawings we then take those drawings to our expediter who in turn provides the approved drawings # and our GC #. Then the permit can be pulled.

    Do you offer financing?

    After CBR works with a client and has a working relationship/history we can offer financing. Our financing is usually zero % to secure the project. We do require in advance all building financials so CBR can review and decide our comfort zone (if any).

    What is your payment schedule?

    We generally get a deposit between 10-20%. After this all payments are based on progress.

    What other NYC DOB licenses do you have including certifications?

    CBR is a licensed NYC rigger within NYC DOB.
    Our rigger license is 6570.

    In addition we are lead certified and authorized by the EPA. Our certification # is EPA# NAT-71756-1.

    We also have our HIC (Home Improvement Contractor) license through the Dept of Consumer Affairs.

    The license # is 1381853.

    What is the difference between a GC license and a HIC license?

    A GC is allowed to work for a building coop/condo or any commercial space such as a museum, hotel, shopping center etc.
    A HIC license would allow us to work for a shareholder of a coop or Condo (not for the building). Or a private homeowner.

    What kind of warranties do you offer?

    If an engineer or architect is involved and we have an AIA contract our warranty is 5 years for our work. Otherwise our warranty is 2 years for our work.

    If the work is a manufacturer's system then the warranty is predicated on the system and assembly. For instance a roofing manufacturer warranty can be anywhere between 10-30 years.


    About CBR

    Rebuilding the past, better for the future.

    Commercial Building & Restoration, Inc., is a full restoration and roofing company. We have integrated and joined forces with a 101 year old company, Jacob Singer Son's and Aris Restoration whose owner has joined together with our executive staff (whom have since retired).

    CBR licenses

    5 Boroughs of New York

    General Contractor
    G/C # 604725
    EPA Lead Abatement
    # NAT717561
    HIC # 1381853
    Rigger License
    # 6570


    CBR Contact

    Douglas Gornick

    119 14th st 2nd Floor Brooklyn NY 11215

    Office 718-369-1001

    Fax 718-369-7059

    Cell 516-297-1671


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